How to Get Rid of Bees Naturally

Bees are beneficial to our environment and even your garden. However, having bees on your property can cause more problems. The bee stings can cause allergies to people with allergies. It is, therefore, essential to get rid of bees on your property. But do not harm the bees. You can get rid of them without killing them.

Here is how to get rid of bees naturally:

Use Vinegar

A lot of people have vinegar in their homes. However, a few people know that they can use vinegar to repel bees on their property. One of the natural ways of getting rid of bees is using vinegar spray.

It is easy to make vinegar and it is eco-friendly. Combine equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the solution around the beehive. The solution can make the bees move from your property.

Grow Bee-Repelling Plants

Growing bee-repelling plants on your property can make the bees move somewhere else. However, do not plant sweet-scented flowers. Why? They attract bees.

It is safe to use bee-repelling plants, including Cloves, Eucalyptus, Mint, Neem, etc. These plants do not kill bees. If you can grow these plants around your home, you will never have to worry about bees getting into your home.

Use Moth Balls

Bees hate some smells, so they hate the smell of mothballs. Once you get the mothballs, you can just hang them around the hive. The smell of the mothballs will make the bees move elsewhere.

If you want to keep bees out of your yard, you can hang mothballs around your yard. Mothballs do not kill the bees. So, you can use them to safely get rid of bees without killing them.

Use Smoke

Smoke can make the bees move out of their beehive immediately. If the smoke enters the beehive, the bees can think their hive is on fire. So, they would move to look for a new place.

You can, therefore, burn paper, cardboard, or even rotten wood below the hive. If you can reach the beehive, however, you can use an incinerator.

However, you need to smoke the hive at night. This is when all the bees are in the hive. The smoke can help you get rid of bees without killing them.

Use Essential Oils Bee-Repellent Spray

It is easy to find these sprays on the market. You can, in fact, use these sprays to get rid of different insects on your property, including bees and wasps. The spray repels bees from your property. They do not kill the bees.

However, you need to check the contents of the spray. If the spray can kill the bees, do not use it. You can even spray these sprays around your windows and doors to prevent the bees from getting into your house.

Call a Beekeeper

It is dangerous to get rid of bees on your own. You will put yourself at risk, especially if you do not know what you are doing. If you disturb the bees, they can attack you.

Call a local beekeeper to get rid of bees immediately. Beekeepers can even move the beehive without killing the bees. In fact, the beekeeper may not charge you money to get rid of the bees.


These are the best ways of getting rid of bees naturally. Getting rid of bees can protect you and your loved ones. So, use one of these methods to get rid of bees naturally.

Looking For Pest Control For Bees?

Even though bees are environmentally friendly insects due to pollination, a bee swarm in your garden can pose a threat to you and your loved ones. Bee stings can become a serious problem – especially for people who are medically allergic to bee stings. When your garden has been invaded by bees, the most important thing is to identify who exactly the invader is. There are different types of bees and each type should be treated differently when implementing pest control for bees. For example, wasps, honey bees, bumblebees, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and other types of bees can invade your garden from time to time. This article provides information on what you need to know when implementing pest control for bees that invade your backyard from time to time.

Hornets can pose a life-threatening danger to humans at times. If your garden has been invaded by hornets, you should take the problem seriously. The hornet has a thin waist between the thorax and abdomen. Some hornets have black and white coloring while the yellow hornet and the European hornet are colored differently. Hornets can sting multiple times and cause severe pain and swelling in the process. Hornet stings can result in death for those that are allergic to bee stings. In fact, hornets are a very aggressive bee species and should be taken seriously when invading your backyard or garden.

A wasp nest can be found in high places or underneath overhangs. Hence, you may have a tough time reaching them. If you spot a wasp nest hanging on a tree branch or a building, you shouldn’t disrupt it. Wasps become very aggressive and attack quickly when they feel that their colony is being threatened. The carpenter bees are unique in the sense they bore through dry wood in your garden or backyard in order to develop nesting colonies. They are usually difficult to reach and get rid of. If you spot visible pencil-sized holes within the wood, you can be sure of a wasp infestation in your backyard. In fact, carpenter bees can drill into any type of wood without any problem.

Yellow jackets appear to have bright stripes of black & yellow across the abdomen. These insects are very aggressive and could become a threat to your family. You will find these bees swarming around garbage cans and anywhere food is being served outdoors.

If you spot any type of bee species in your garden or backyard, it is best that you don’t try to get rid of these insects yourself. In fact, DIY methods are not the best to get rid of bees in your garden. A professional pest control service for bees is your best bet to eliminate bees from your garden. They have the right expertise and tools to deal with any type of bee infestation in your garden. A professional service provider will do everything within their power to remove bees from your garden humanely. Always rely on a bee removal service that uses humane methods to get rid of bees from your garden.

Africanized Killer Bees Removal Services

Bees play a vital role in pollination and keeping other insects away. Most of the time, they pose no threat to humans, but some species like Africanized Killer Bees can turn aggressive when agitated. Their stings are venomous which can be deadly. So, if you have a bee infestation on your property, it’s wise to take the right precautions in handling the issue before someone gets hurt.

Determine Whether Bee Removal is Needed

Africanized killer bees are a bit smaller compared to the European species. They have stripped tail sections, thin fur coating, and a golden brown color. However, it calls for an expert to distinguish between a killer bee and a normal one.

Contact Your Local Pest Control or Bee Removal Service

You can either search online or contact the local Fire Department for a referral to a reputable bee removal service provider. Professional bee removal services may not be cheap, but they are the safest way to get rid of an Africanized killer bees infestation.

Getting Rid of Bees

When eliminating killer bees, whether naturally or using pesticides, ensure you are completely covered to protect your body from venomous stings. The best protective attire should include layer thick, long-sleeved clothing, gloves, face and eye protection, and work boots.

Keep in mind that Africanized killer bees venom is not stronger than that of normal species, but they are easily agitated and tend to swarm in large numbers.

Prevent Future Infestations

Getting rid of the comb is the best way to ensure no further infestation will occur. Most Africanized killer bees build their nests in ordinary enclosed spaces, but make fibrous networks inside referred to as combs. This is where they live, make honey and reproduce. Once you have dealt with most of the bees, you can crush, burn or throw away the comb. You can use a pressure washer to remove a beehive from a hard-to-reach space.
Call the Experts for the Comb Removal

Even if you cannot afford to avail of the services of professional bee removers, or the insects pose an immediate threat and time is crucial, you can still be able to get the comb removed without paying that much after you have handled with the worst of the bee infestation. Pay attention to where the insects are going to and fro. By simply tracking their movements, you will be able to locate the beehive.

When handling a comb or give, be on the look for any bees that might stay inside. Rinse the location of the nest thoroughly using a garden nest in order to get rid of any scents that might attract other bees.

Also, get rid of any stray containers, boxes, or buckets that bees might use to make a nest. Most bees like living in cool dark spots, so keep an eye on your basement, garage, garbage bins, work sheds, or any other covered places in your property.

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The Best Bee Hive Removal Services

The sight of a bee swarm in your backyard can be exciting and unnerving at the same time. In fact, the sight of thousands of bees buzzing in one place can be frightening. When you have a honey bee swarm in your backyard, there are a few options available to you. This article provides information on why you should rely on the best bee hive removal services in town to get rid of a honey bee swarm in your garden.

Getting rid of a bee swarm is not easy. In fact, DIY bee removal isn’t the best option available to you unless you are well experienced in the subject. Bee removal is a highly specialized job that requires specialized tools and vast knowledge of bees. On the other hand, removing bees from your garden is much more than just relocating them to a different area. The methods used should be humane to keep the bees alive throughout the process.

A honey bee swarm is made of thousands of bees getting together in a holding pattern. The queen is the center of the swarm while the scout bees do the job of protecting the queen bee. If the swarm is located in an area that doesn’t pose any risk to humans, it is best to leave them alone. But swarms will position themselves by the entrance of your home or in the backyard at times. This is when you need to consider removing the honey bee swarm and relocating it to a different area where there is no threat to humans. That is where you need to rely on a professional bee hive removal company in town.

Professional bee hive removal services specialize in the safe and humane removal of honey bee swarms. They use highly specialized equipment such as a vacuum system to gently remove the honey bees from your garden. The experts of the company understand bee behavior and have the necessary skills and experience to safely relocate the swarm to a safer place. They do all the work with the preservation of bees in mind. That is why you need to work with a reliable bee removal service in town to get rid of honey bees from your garden in a humane way.

Choosing a reliable bee removal service to get rid of honey bees from your backyard isn’t easy. There are hundreds of such service providers operating in the area, but all of them are not created equal. Being prepared with the right questions is important when picking the best service provider to do the job. Here are some questions to ask the potential bee removal service before you hire them for the job.

. What methods do you use to remove bees from my garden?
. How long has the business been in operation?
. Can you provide the contacts of satisfied customers?
. How quickly can you arrive at my property?
. How long does the removal take?
. How can you make sure the bees won’t come back to the same location in the future?
. Do you offer free inspections and quotes?
. How is your service priced?

The aforementioned article provides information on what you should consider when hiring the best bee removal service in town.