How much is a keg of local beer around Dodgeville, Wi

In this post, I am calling the local super market and a good beer store to get prices for a good local beer in a keg for the 2013 Hop Growers Roundtable event on Saturday, June 22 at our farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


I am comparing prices for Lake Louie Brewing’s Warp Speed Scotch Ale in the 1/6 bbl size showing the beer suppliers ability to provide good quality locally produced beer for my hopyard event. Thanks to Jeff and Dean for helping me provide yummy local brew!


Piggly Wiggly, Dodgeville, WI

Beer / Keg Size / Price

  • Lake Louie Brewing Co., Arena, WI:  Warp Speed Scotch Ale / SIZE: 1/6 bbl / Price: $61.00 and 1/2 bbl of the same is $175

dean's liquor of dodgeville

Dean Liquor, Dodgeville, WI

Warp Speed Scotch Ale / Keg Size: 1/6 bbl / Price:  $67.50 

  • Lake Louie Brewing Co., Arena, Wisconsin: Warp Speed Scotch Ale
  • Dean needs at least 1 week lead time [by June 17 in time for June 22] from event date to order from his distributor.

Hop Farming Event in Dodgeville, Wisconsin on June 22, 2013


On June 22, 2013, I will be representing Simple Earth Hops to present the HOP GROWERS ROUNDTABLE for new & existing hop farmers. Registration is $45  @ and includes 2 Presentations from 9am-Noon on Sustainable Hopyard Establishment and Marketing Hops plus; Lunch Reception at Noon-1pm and; a hop farming forum discussion with a panel of 2 commercial hop growers from Wisconsin from 1pm-3pm.


Registration includes a beer pint glass for you to take home with refills throughout the event. FMI share this event on Facebook at or Event Location at 4352 State Road 23, Dodgeville, WI


Hop Rhizomes for Sale Pre-order for 2013

Hop rhizomes for sale from Simple Earth Hops


Hop rhizomes are now available through my hopyard business, Simple Earth Hops where we have seven (7) different hop varieties to test in your hopyard. If you brew this is perfect for you as you can harvest your own hop cones to put in your homebrew batches. Each plant will produce around 1 or 2 pounds of hops each fall.

Pre-Order Hop Rhizomes

These rhizomes will ship in April to you. We sell them in groups of 2 rhizomes each which you should plant together to verify that each hop plant you are trying to establish will be viable.

More Hop Rhizome Sale Information

A few pics from our hopyard! These rhizomes are not from our hopyard but here is what the plant looks like when it’s mature in the fall.

This year, I will brew in the hopyard on the farm here in Wisconsin

Hop Farm Pale Ale
Here’s the HOP FARM PALE ALE made in Mount Horeb, WI which features hops from my hopyard – brewed by Mark at the Grumpy Troll Brewpub

Things are good. We live on the farm now where we can grow crops and hops. We have a house, with another cabin that my mom loves, on the property is also a barn, tool shop, market building, tractor, 5 acres to grow on and another 15 of rolling land for us to play. You would LOVE it. To bad my dad couldn’t enjoy it eh?

I have been working for Simply Bovine and independently on website development and graphic arts freelance. My weekends are spent Chainsawing and stacking lots of wood for our farm house’s wood burning off the grid stove.

I now have a tuned up, well running 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer which was purchased from a Jeep mechanic here in WI in Oct which I have been reading tons of info about, I have the service and owners manual. You can read more about my new Wagoneer here:

I look forward to brewing up 2 ale kits this year and shipping the balance of my commercial hops to Oscar Peregrina . Here is my personal site if you want to follow:

and here is my hops business Facebook page:

Love to you and yours. Matt

2012 Simple Earth Hops Harvest Brewfest Photos

Thank you so much to all the supporters of the 2012 Simple Earth Hops Harvest Brewfest. This event would not be possible without the help of so many volunteers, generous brewers, local businesses like Mr. T’s Mobile here in Dodgeville, Alan Schroeder at Pendarvis Historic site in Mineral Point, my family and again, all the event staff and volunteers.

2012 Wisconsin Hopfest Photos

As the hop picking season comes to a close, at least in our Wisconsin hopyard, some of the photos from the event are starting to roll in. Here are some photos [which we will keep adding to] taken by my hoppy mom, Marilyn Sweeny.

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