Africanized Killer Bees Removal Services

Bees play a vital role in pollination and keeping other insects away. Most of the time, they pose no threat to humans, but some species like Africanized Killer Bees can turn aggressive when agitated. Their stings are venomous which can be deadly. So, if you have a bee infestation on your property, it’s wise to take the right precautions in handling the issue before someone gets hurt.

Determine Whether Bee Removal is Needed

Africanized killer bees are a bit smaller compared to the European species. They have stripped tail sections, thin fur coating, and a golden brown color. However, it calls for an expert to distinguish between a killer bee and a normal one.

Contact Your Local Pest Control or Bee Removal Service

You can either search online or contact the local Fire Department for a referral to a reputable bee removal service provider. Professional bee removal services may not be cheap, but they are the safest way to get rid of an Africanized killer bees infestation.

Getting Rid of Bees

When eliminating killer bees, whether naturally or using pesticides, ensure you are completely covered to protect your body from venomous stings. The best protective attire should include layer thick, long-sleeved clothing, gloves, face and eye protection, and work boots.

Keep in mind that Africanized killer bees venom is not stronger than that of normal species, but they are easily agitated and tend to swarm in large numbers.

Prevent Future Infestations

Getting rid of the comb is the best way to ensure no further infestation will occur. Most Africanized killer bees build their nests in ordinary enclosed spaces, but make fibrous networks inside referred to as combs. This is where they live, make honey and reproduce. Once you have dealt with most of the bees, you can crush, burn or throw away the comb. You can use a pressure washer to remove a beehive from a hard-to-reach space.
Call the Experts for the Comb Removal

Even if you cannot afford to avail of the services of professional bee removers, or the insects pose an immediate threat and time is crucial, you can still be able to get the comb removed without paying that much after you have handled with the worst of the bee infestation. Pay attention to where the insects are going to and fro. By simply tracking their movements, you will be able to locate the beehive.

When handling a comb or give, be on the look for any bees that might stay inside. Rinse the location of the nest thoroughly using a garden nest in order to get rid of any scents that might attract other bees.

Also, get rid of any stray containers, boxes, or buckets that bees might use to make a nest. Most bees like living in cool dark spots, so keep an eye on your basement, garage, garbage bins, work sheds, or any other covered places in your property.

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